The Tall Tales Of Woody Oaks

by Joel Siméus (esc)



My debut album featuring vocals by Change (Gigant Squid Rec) And Plunge Attempt. Plus instrumentation by my good friend Gustaf Lissel Isaksson. Physically available from, and Digitally available on most online retailers (itunes for example). Cover art by Viktor Almquist


released January 1, 2009

Milled Pavement Records 2009



all rights reserved


Joel Siméus (esc) Sweden

DIY artist/producer from Sthlm Swdn.
Member of empty space collective.

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Track Name: Tumbleweed
chorus: I am just a tumbleweed heading towards a cliff. Searching for a better home, making my exit.
I am just a tumbleweed heading towards a cliff. Im rolling, im rolling, im rolling.
Track Name: Night Shift
There is no light in my life and thats probably because I work nights to make a living and proceed progressively before I give in. Im pretending to have alot of spare time and energy so I can talk to myself about all kinds of nonsense and important issues...before I break down. I feel the same now but I cant relate to anything right now. Because Im too tired, to even stand up so I sleep all day and disappear into my dreams where everything seems ok. Far away from reality. But it only takes me seven seconds before reality captures me again. And takes me down to earth. Where everything is the same as always and nothing is the same as always. So i start to paint up my self portrait in my head. And end up with a blur all because:

Chorus: I think too much. I sleep too much. I work too much.

(I work the night shift)